Just your local bird brain. Minecraft, CSGO, and everything in between. Graphic designer, editor, photographer, and translady.
Credit: Chloe Makes Stuff.
Heyo, I'm Flamey! I'm a part-time LGBTQ+ variety streamer on Twitch who likes to stream PC and mobile games, as well as drawing! I love to chill and have fun talking with people, and I also host viewer nights. I stream a few times a month during the afternoon and evenings, EST. Everyone's welcome, so I hope to see you there! My content's skewed towards mature audiences when with others.
I'm Venom Fangclaw, I'm a variety streamer on Twitch who is also an artist. I like to chill and hang out with some friends, and I'm opened to making conversations with new people. I try to stream when I'm available around the afternoon times in PST, streams won't always be in the afternoon. My content is more for the mature audience, but other than that, everyone is welcomed to watch.
Yo! I'm ThermicWaffle, a part-time content creator! I have been known to heavily rage games, which is potentially a symptom of my ADHD. I'm not a prodigy of anything, but I am a singer and pianist, both of which I hope to pursue in college, as well as computer science. My goal, as always, is to provide a funny and welcoming environment! Stick around!
Credit: Colcifer#0001
What's up, I'm Yashintaro! I'm a variety streamer, and primarily a Zenith: The Last City Youtuber! I love giving people information on things, and love creating my own things when I have the name. Currently my hands are a little bit full since I'm trying to learn multiple new things like Japanese, Programming, and more!
I play games with fwends
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